Things to see

Kastel Stari is the oldest out of the 7 Kastelas which are the Rivièra. It's located between Split and Trogir so an ideal starting point for all your sightseeing trips. No mass tourism, but a quiet and cozy setting, if you like walking through medieval alleys, having a drink at the bar or picking up some sun at the beach.

The daily market in Split - When visiting the city of Split you should definitely visit the picturesque market. It's located in the surroundings of Srebrna Vrata at the foot of the Sint-Dominicus church. Right here, you can get to know the daily life of the residents and the intimacy
of the Dalmation cities.


The islands Brac and Hvar - The island Brac in Croatia, is located in Central-Dalmatia and is known as one of the biggest out of all Dalmatian islands. Brac is approximately 40 km long, about 10-12 km wide and has a total surface of 395 km2. It's also the highest island of the Adriatic Sea. Brac is seperated from the mainland by the Brac canal (maximum depth of 78 m) and is located at 6-13 km distance of the mainland city Split, the biggest city in the East Adriatic Coast region. In the West, Brac is seperated from the island Solta by a narrow waterway known as the doors of Split, and in the South from the island Hvar by the Hvar canal (depth 91 m).

Modra Spilja (Blue Cave) - The Blue Cave of Biševo is a cave at the West coast of the Croatian island Biševo. People can enter the cave by a small entrance near the sea, through which also rowing boats of maximum 5 meters in lentgh and 1 meter high can sail into the cave. On the island Biševo you can find numerous caves, of which Modra špilja is the most famous and meanwhile the most interesting. This cave is the most beautiful by the end of the morning and around noon. On sunny days with steady waters, the sun reflects in the water of the cave through a large opening below the surface, which results in the remarkable result of bright blue colored water. In clear waters, you can also spot pink and violet colors.

The sea-organ Zadar - In Zadar you can spot a sea-organ which is exclusively and continiously played on by the wind and the waves of the Adriatic Sea. The architectural instrument was designed by Nikola Basic and officially opened for the crowd in 2005.


Soccer Hadjuk Split - HNK Hajduk Split is the largest and most important soccer team of Split, in Croatia. The team was founded on Februari 13th 1911. In ex-Joegoslavia Split won the championships of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians en Slovenians three times and eight times the championships of the Communist Federal Republic Joegoslavi. In independent Croatia, the team has won the Croatian championship six times.

Rent a scooter on the island Hvar - There's no better way to discover the island Hvar than by renting a scooter. In full freedom, you can discover the island at your own pace, without the obligations you have when attending organised sightseeing trips.


Fish picnic - For those who love fish, we can advice a fish picnic. On the mainland or on a boat, you can enjoy all the tasty things the Adriatic sea has to offer. In all tourist cities, fish picnics are available!



Omnis rafting - For the adventurers, we can definitely advice to spend a day rafting the wild rivers. Refreshing and exciting!




Dubrovnik (240km from the guest house) - Dubrovnik, located at the foot of mountain Srdj, is known as one of the most beautiful cities of the Adriatic Coast and is often referred to as the  "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea". The old, completetly walled town of Dubrovnik is UNESCO world herritage.


Bridge of Mostar (Bosnië) - Stari Most (Old Bridge) is a bridge over the river Neretva, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. De bridge is, as the eye-catcher of the inner city of Mostar, since 2005, UNESCO world herritage.


Imotski - Red and Blue Lake - Imotski is located in the South of Dalmatia, near the border with Bosnia Herzegovina. This place is very special because there are two lakes beside it. These beautiful lakes of Imotski both have different colors. One of them is blue, while the other one is red.

Waterfalls of Krka - When you're spending your holidays in Dalmatia, you can't miss out on the Krka waterfalls. You can choose to drive to Krka yourself, or you can join an organised sightseeing trip to Krka.